I heard that some people are soaking tampons in vodka or other alcohol and then inserting them so that they can get drunk without getting the calories. Does this work? It is dangerous?

I'll order a vodka...straight up

Dear I’ll order a vodka…straight up,

Before you place your order, know that using alcohol-infused tampons to get drunk could be a dangerous (not to mention uncomfortable) feat. Also, no matter the route of entry, calories from the alcohol will still be absorbed by the body. There has been much speculation about young people soaking tampons in alcohol and inserting them to become intoxicated. However, no cases have been documented, leading some health experts to believe that this phenomenon is a myth or, at the very least, significantly exaggerated. Even so, the media has jumped on the bandwagon, leading to various news stories about young people partaking in this behavior.

Although inserting an alcohol-soaked tampon could theoretically get someone drunk, it's risky business. Absorbing alcohol through a mucous membrane (any part of the body that is involved in absorption and secretion) allows for the alcohol to be absorbed directly to the bloodstream, leading to a more rapid intoxication. But here’s the danger — since the alcohol is not being absorbed through the stomach, a person cannot vomit if they have too much to drink. And once alcohol enters the bloodstream, you can’t get it back out. This significantly increases the risk for alcohol poisoning. Moreover, the acidity of alcohol can potentially cause physical pain and damage to the mucous membranes in the vagina or anus. Ouch!

The bottom line: soaking tampons in vodka can significantly contribute to dangerous (and unpleasant) consequences. Sticking to safer drinking behaviors is your best bet.


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