1) Dear Alice,

There are so many people, young and old, who look at suicide as a way to stop the pain in their life. I know this because this was me a few years ago. But, as you can see, I am still alive, and fighting every day for the happiness I deserve. I have learned that life is not easy, and nothing comes without work, or without a fight. If you give up when you are down, you will never get what you really want — happiness - love - respect. These things don't always come easy, but they are sure worth fighting for! I see how much my suicide attempts hurt the people close to me. I will never forget the day that my mom was notified by the police that I was in the hospital due to a suicide attempt. She came and saw me laying there hooked up to a heart monitor and oxygen, because I was so devastated that a boyfriend had cheated on me. What I didn't realize is the trauma that I would put on the people around me... the people who truly loved me, with my selfish act of attempting suicide. I tore a piece out of my mom's heart that day that I can never give back. My mom is my best friend, and I devastated her, along with many other people. Suicide is never the answer for any thing. No matter how much something hurts at the time, it will get easier. With everything that I go through, good and bad, I learn from it. I grow with it. But most of all... I live through it! I just wanted to thank you for addressing this very touchy, but serious, problem. For all those people out there who think that they are alone in pain — they are not. No one has the perfect life. Life is what you make of it! I know... I was there!


2) Dear Alice,

I just read the letter on suicide and it was like I wrote it myself. I tried suicide on December 17, 2001. And it was not a very good thing to do, because I hurt so many people that day. I thought that I had no other choice but to end my life that day. But with GOD's help and guidance, I called for help. And I met so many wonderful people that week I was in the hospital. And now I fight very hard to keep myself together. I have a wonderful husband of 13 yrs., beautiful daughter that I love so much, and a very cute loveable son. And a wonderful best friend who all helped me get through my hard times... I never knew how much I had to live for until that very day... So I just take one day at a time and try to make the most of it...


3) Dear Alice,

I have a friend who once tried to take his own life. But luckily, it failed. He told me that his problems were at home and that no one cares for him and the world would be better without him, to not drag on everybody else with his troubles and fears. Well, I told him that without him, I would be a different person, a person without a best friend. I spent a few hours after that and told him what others think of him and how it would affect them if he wasn't here. I think that we need to tell people that we care about how we feel and let them know that somewhere out there, though we're different, we cared for each other through the thick and the thin.

— B.K.

Dear Dee, Nadine, & B.K.,

Thanks for sharing your stories. Your words of hope also remind us that working through feelings of depression can be a difficult process. Reaching out for professional help, and possibly medication, are critical steps. For more information about how to get help, read Feeling suicidal... Help!.

Take care,


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