Sores in mouth — Worry?


I've been getting sores in my mouth frequently. Should I be worried?

— Exposed

Dear Exposed,

Not only are mouth sores irritating (literally!), they may arise from dozens of reasons. They range from loose dentures or braces to viruses, colds, and fungal infections, just to name a few. The American Dental Association (ADA) has more information about common mouth sores, explains some of the most common causes, and how they can be treated. You can also search the related Q&As or check out the Go Ask Alice! Oral Health category for more information on a specific type of sore.

Although these online resources can be great for background information, the best way to soothe your sores (and any concerns you might have about them) is to see your health care provider or dentist. S/he may help you figure out what might be causing them and why they happen frequently for you. S/he may provide you more specific information on how to prevent and treat them in the future.

Good luck and happy healing!

Last updated Jun 19, 2014
Originally published Sep 01, 1994

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