Dear Alice,

How long do "shrooms" stay in your system?

Dear Reader,

That depends on what you mean by “stay in your system.” If you are asking about how long the high from taking shrooms or “magic mushrooms” lasts — then the answer is about three to six hours. However, if you are asking about how long psilocybin, the pharmacologically active agent in shrooms is present in your body, then the answer is usually less than a day, but not more than three days and that is only in the case of chronic users. Much of this is dependent upon the way your body metabolizes psilocybin. Once consumed, the body absorbs the psilocybin from the mushrooms. Within 20-40 minutes the drug can be detected in your blood stream. After a little more than an hour (70 to 90 minutes) the psilocybin reaches its highest concentration in your blood. This is the time when you would most likely feel the full effects of the shrooms. This concentration peak lasts for about 50 minutes and then slowly begins to dissipate.

Even after you can no longer feel the effects of the mushrooms, the psilocybin is still detectible in your blood or urine for many more hours after. Hair drug tests can actually detect mushroom use within a timeframe of about three months — it might be out of your body, but it can still hang out in your hair.


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