Hi Alice...

Here is a tough one! I need your help! I was wondering how to approach the issue of meeting a financial officer at my bank! I usually do all my banking through the web or phone, but recently had to go into my branch to update my account. I was greeted and assisted by a man who was not only gorgeous, but fashionable and funny, too! I want to know if he is available and/or if he would be interested in doing something some time, but due to his professional relationship with me as a client, I don't know what would be appropriate! Have any ideas? Or is this man completely off limits?

Dear Reader,

See what happens when you leave your computer for some real live human contact!

Since this fine financier isn't your boss or teacher, why not take the letters A-T-M to stand for Approach That Man. If he holds the same feelings for you, let him determine whether or not a social transaction is workable. It's pretty likely that your bank has a policy about this kind of customer relations, particularly if an employee is making some sort of decision about a client's account, such as approving a loan. But don't withdraw just yet; if this is the case with you and the officer, who sounds like a gentleman, he might have a colleague who could service you while he's reviewing your figures. And if banker rancor were to yield from making your feelings known, the same transfer could apply.

Euphemisms aside, the bank itself may not be the most comfortable place for either of you to conduct lengthy personal business. When you next see your money man, you might ask him if he'd like to have coffee sometime. If he's up for it, you could give him your e-mail address or phone number, showing that you respect his need to make arrangements for such a rendezvous after hours. If this direct approach isn't in your portfolio, is there anyone else at the bank who could slide you the 411 on gorgeous George? Passing him a note of invitation to meet you after work by the drive-thru window is also an option, although security might think you're demanding 50K in large denominations.

They're always telling us to invest for our future... here's your chance!


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