Dear Alice,

My girlfriend and I want to experiment more with our love making. We want to try more role playing, but we need some good ideas to try out. Could you please give some suggestions?

— Wanting to be an Actor

Dear Wanting to be an Actor,

The English poet John Keats once said, "My imagination is a monastery and I am its monk." These words of wisdom don't necessarily suggest that you and your partner dress up like clergy and "disrobe." Instead, his prose could serve as applause to you and your girlfriend for experimenting with fantasy in your sex life. Yes, fantasies can come true, but of course, some are most appropriate between intimate partners within the confines of a private space. That said, here are some suggestions for sexy role-plays, complete with verbal cues:

  • Flight Attendant and Passenger: "Coffee, tea... or me?"
  • Homeowner and Plumber: "Hurry, I need you to unclog my pipes!"
  • Sexy Librarian and Book Lover: “Let me check you out.”
  • Firefighter and Frightened Citizen: "Let me get my hose and put your fire out."
  • Photographer and Subject: "Why don't we try some with your clothes off... smile."
  • Star Trekee to Star Trekee: "Beam me up Scotty, a Klingon's invading Uranus!"
  • Madonna and Adoring Fan: "Get into the groove, you've got to prove your love to me."

You could also role-play situations from your past: the first time you met, adventures of your favorite storybook characters, or that special anniversary years ago. Reversing roles might be fun as well. If one of you is usually dominant and the other passive, switch. And don't forget about the stage — the clothes closet, kitchen, laundry room, garage, and backyard — all full of possibility for the debut of your fantasies!

Any time you try something new in your sexual relationship, keep in mind that not every new idea or scenario will feel appropriate to one or both of you. Be sure to discuss the options together and make a mutual decision. Communication is key to maintaining a healthy and satisfying sex life. As always, begin with consent and it’s likely to be more enjoyable all around.

Break a leg,


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