Semen... or coconut oil?

Dear Alice,

I'm a fourteen-year-old male who has been waiting a long time to see if I have the ability to ejaculate, because I have pubic hair, but hardly any of the other characteristics of being a man. Yesterday, I masturbated, using coconut oil as a lube. I just did it softly and wasn't vigorous at all. I cleaned and had another try later, using Vaseline this time. I masturbated vigorously for some time until I felt a very, very strange tingling sensation in my penis and even in my brain. Suddenly my penis throbbed extremely hard and a white yellow thicky creamy liquid came out of my penis. I am worried that this may not be semen, and might be coconut oil. Is there any way that the coconut oil might have seeped into my penis and been ejaculated? Or, is it really semen? Plus, I had a rapid heartbeat. Is this normal?

Dear Reader,

Congratulations on your first, normal, healthy ejaculation through masturbation! Now, take a deep breath, read the rest of this answer, and whatever you do, don't lay out in the sun without a bathing suit on — the sun beating down on an oil-slicked penis can make for one well-done hot dog.

Make no mistake about it, that "white yellow thicky creamy liquid" was definitely 100 percent pure semen. (And if Coppertone comes out with a new lotion line next summer called, Tug 'n Tan, you'll know where they got the idea.) Semen does not mix with creams, soap, shampoo, or anything else you apply to your skin. This means that the coconut oil you used does not seep deeply into the penis — it's absorbed superficially. Good idea, by the way, to use some kind of lubricant when you masturbate — just avoid anything that might irritate your skin.

Your "tingling" brain and penis are more signs that you're in tip-top shape. You had an orgasm, which usually occurs at the time that you ejaculate, and can also happen without accompanying emissions. Orgasm is a reflex that results in intense sensations that are felt all over the body, but mostly around the penis, testicles, and anus in men. Your throbbing penis is really a result of muscle contractions that bring sperm from your testicles to your seminal vesicles and prostate, where they are mixed with fluids that result in the semen that travels up through the urethra in your penis and out the "hole" at the end called the urethral opening. Rapid heartbeat? Your heart is the engine that pumps blood into your penis to make it hard and gets the semen up and out, among other vital functions. Quicker breathing and tensing muscles are also a part of this process.

Not only is your body developing in exciting ways, but clearly your brain is growing up, too. It takes maturity and courage to ask questions about yourself. There's not one of us reading this Q&A who hasn't, at some time, lost sleep over "mysterious" lumps and liquids when getting to know our changing bodies. Sometimes we think we're somehow supposed to know about everything that's going on inside of us, but the truth is that learning about ourselves is a life-long process.

Best of luck as you continue to explore your body,

Last updated Jul 29, 2015
Originally published Sep 07, 2001

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