Pumping pillow with penis for pleasure?

Dear Alice,

I have your book and read your answers every Friday. You are the best! Your responses are the Encyclopedia of Love, Health, and Life. Thank you much for that! I have one question: Is the masturbation method of guys to rub against a pillow normal and healthy? I know that many men use their hands as the masturbation method? Is the pillow method common for men?

Again, thank you so much for the wonderful source of knowledge! I would be very grateful to you for your response.

Your reader, fan... N.B.

Dear N.B.,

You're welcome, and thank you for reading.

Pretending that pillows are sex partners, or getting intimate with them because they're soft, warm, form fitting, and always available, is probably as normal and common as changing the sheets and putting on pajamas. Equally normal is "making love" to the mattress, the ol' penis between the mattress and box spring trick, and humping the whole damn bed! And these masturbation options aren't exclusive and exciting to guys; women do their fair share of rubbing, bouncing, and squeezing, too.

Although beds can be a bountiful source of stimulation, varying one's modes of masturbation is important, to have more than one way to orgasm and/or ejaculate. Indeed, hands are handy, and you can use them in many different ways: applying differing amounts of pressure, using your less dominant hand, moving at different speeds or changing the rhythm, using lotion or lube, etc. This way, if/when one has sex with another person, his or her body will be more likely to respond to the more varied kinds of stimulation.

Hats off and sweet dreams to all who masturbate "out of the box." You know that hands will certainly suffice, but the bed, bath, and beyond can be really, really nice — for a change.

Last updated Jul 24, 2015
Originally published Jun 07, 2002

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