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Hi Alice,

I am a man that shaves his testicles and trims the rest of his pubic hair fairly short. I have looked everywhere and cannot find an answer to my question. Since this is a rather tedious chore, I was wondering if there are any barbers that specialize or who on the side cut pubic hair. I would rather pay to have someone do it every few weeks. Thank You.

Dear Reader,

Body hair maintenance is becoming more and more popular — and pubic hair is no exception! While there do not seem to be pubic hair barbers out there specifically (at least not yet!), there are other hair removal services at many salons that may meet your needs. If those don’t float your boat, there are some additional do-it-yourself (DIY) methods to consider that may make at-home grooming less tedious.

Research shows that the trend of body hair grooming is growing, especially when it comes to hair reduction rather than complete removal. The most popular areas of the body for males to groom are the pubic area, chest, abdomen, and back — mostly commonly by trimming. Have you thought about reducing the frequency to make it a little less tedious? How about having a trusted friend help? It might also be helpful to consider how you approach trimming – using electric body hair trimmers for the pubic hair, for example.

If you’re looking for an alternative to trimming, check out the related Q&A Curious about hair removal methods for some different temporary options, such as depilatory creams or at-home waxing kits. Before employing these DIY strategies, always read the labels to make sure hair removal products are safe for the genital area first. You might also consider what services (such as waxing) may be better left to a professional. Want to forget this whole maintenance business and try something longer lasting? They can be pricey and require several sessions to see results, but laser hair removal is intended as a long-lasting option and electrolysis is considered to be virtually permanent if you hope to go bare from here on out.

Hopefully one of these alternatives will help you shake up your routine to make it less of a hassle. Before you make your next depilatory decision though, doing a little bit homework and perhaps consulting your health care provider about any safety concerns may be in order. One more option to consider if you want to stick to trimming: if you have a partner, perhaps they can lend a hand and double as a barber!

Last updated Dec 16, 2016
Originally published Oct 13, 2000

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