Dear Alice,

I have been thinking about purchasing a penis enlargement pump. Are there any problems with them and do they work? If so, what kind do you recommend?

Small penis that wants to get bigger

Dear Small penis that wants to get bigger,

A penis enlargement pump was designed to help men whose erections are not strong, or not as strong as they used to be, to enable them to engage in sexual activity. This is a satisfactory solution for some men. If the pump is not used correctly, however, there can be loss of sensation, loss of penile skin, and even permanent damage to tissue surrounding the penis.

If you are having trouble with erections, and this is a concern for you, it might be useful to see a health care provider. This provider can refer you to a urologist who can check, among other things, your blood flow.

If your penis size is of concern for you, that is another issue entirely. The pump is only a temporary solution to small penis size as little change in size has been noted with use. After the pumping, the penis will return to its regular size. For other methods of penis lengthening and thoughts about penis size, see the Related Q&As. 


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