Oral sex trick: The jade flute?

Dear Alice:

Do you have any information on an oral sex technique called "The Jade Flute"?

— Wondering

Dear Wondering,

One might hope that knowledge of "the jade flute" technique would be more valuable than diamonds, however the reference seems to simply be a euphemism for the penis. This term supposedly originates from Asia, along with other euphemisms such as "warrior," "arrow of love," and "ambassador." These names are in line with the traditions of cultures that commonly treat genitalia with respect and awe.

If you're searching for tricks, one that may bring some awe from your partner is the "snaky-lick trick." The "trick" is simply to tease the underside of the penis head almost imperceptibly with the very tip of the tongue, just making ever so slight tongue contact with this sensitive area in one light upward lick, and then backing off for about fifteen seconds between each lick. This trick can result in a powerful ejaculation within a very short time.

Some general tips for pleasuring the tip (and shaft) of any penis include:

  • Make an O-shaped ring with your fingers and hold it near your mouth as you move it up and down the shaft.
  • Move your tongue in a constant circular or back-and forth motion over the tip of the penis.
  • Lick, hold, or massage the scrotum periodically.

These tips came from writer Lou Paget's book Orgasms: How to Have Them, Give Them and Keep Them Coming, which should be available at your nearest bookseller. For more tricks and treats of the trade, feel free to check out related Q&As. You might also enjoy some of the tips from Babeland. Hopefully these reads will inspire you to use your head and come up with even more creative ways to pleasure your partner.

Whatever technique(s) you decide to try, it's always important to make sure you are being safe. Remember that sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can still be transmitted through oral sex, so you might want to consider using a latex barrier or flavored condom the entire time. Also, if there are open sores or cuts in your mouth, or if your gums are bleeding, its best to avoid oral sex until everything heals. If you and your partner are both well and willing, then enjoy the exploration and experimentation, wherever it takes you!

Last updated Apr 10, 2015
Originally published Jan 19, 1995

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