My penis threw me a curve

Dear Alice,

my penis curves to the left and a bit upwards. i was just wondering if there was something i could do to make it go straight not involving surgery (maybe like a certain exercise). i heard you can take certain vitamins, but i do not know if that is true?

Dear Reader,

No need to be bothered by your bending boner. It is quite normal for men to have a slight or even prominent penis curve. Penises can curve left, right, or in any number of directions and angles. Sometimes the curve may be especially pronounced when it's erect. The development of the muscles in the base of the penis, connective tissue, and skin create certain unique shapes and curves that vary in men. Sometimes, the curve straightens out on its own over time. Others may never be perfectly straight, and that's okay, too.

Only if your erection is painful, has a severe bend, or causes discomfort during intercourse need you be concerned. This condition, known as Peyronie's Disease, is caused by scarred tissue or calcium deposits around the cavernous bodies of the penis. Injections or surgery are often used to correct severe cases. Some health care providers recommend vitamin E (which may be what you are speaking of in your question); however, no studies have ever proven it to be an effective treatment.

Since curvature of the penis is so common, a number of mail-order "remedies" are available over the Internet. However, these pills are no more likely to work than the penis-enlargement pills that scam so many men each year. Don't let quack medicine trick you into thinking that something is wrong with your meandering member. Relax and enjoy the features that make your unit unique.

Last updated Apr 09, 2015
Originally published Oct 22, 2004

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