Dear Alice,

I am curious about men's masturbation fantasies. Specifically, I am wondering what men think about when they are looking at an adult magazine or videotape and masturbating. Are they thinking about being with the woman they are looking at, or what?

Wanna understand

Dear Wanna understand,

The following sentiments are possibly among those silently spoken by men (and women) pornography viewers everywhere -- and let's start off with your entry:

"Oooh, I'd love to do it with her/him."

"Look at those (fill in the blank)!"

"Those breasts can't be real."

"I wish they'd show more of him/her."

"Where's the damn rewind button!"

"That's not a bad idea... maybe we could try that this weekend."

"Why aren't these people using condoms?"

"If only I could come eight times in ten minutes."

"I didn't know toe-sucking could be a turn-on."

"Do you think they're paid well?"

"My grandmother could write a better script than this."

If your man likes to peruse the pages of adult magazines, or occasionally pop in a copy of "Forrest Hump," you could ask him your question directly. Who knows -- his answer might pique your own interests.


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