Kissing with facial hair: A turn-on or a turn-off?

Hey Alice,

Are women less likely to want to kiss me because I have a (neatly trimmed) beard and mustache ? Any idea on how much less likely women might be to kiss a hairy face?

Dear Reader,

There is not a ton of data to provide you a more concrete answer (one would certainly be hard to find), but it's safe to say that some women (and men) go wild over facial hair, while others would rather kiss a hot iron. Our tastes vary widely, as they do when it comes to height, eye color, muscle tone, navel status (innie or outie), foot size, etc. It's a good bet that current and future partners are more likely to be turned off by someone with bad breath, poor oral hygiene, or an unkempt or dirty beard or mustache (full of lint, saliva, or food particles) than they would be by "regular old" face hair. And some partners may be into that.  The cool thing about facial hair is that it can be altered, removed,... and reinstated.

Last updated Jan 29, 2015
Originally published Apr 24, 1998

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