Humming and coming

Dear Alice,

I had a ball reading the Q&A, All about "ball" sucking, but I was left wondering about ball humming. The name of the prior testicle topic pretty much tells you what it is, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how and why one would hum on a man's marbles. A friend once told me that a guy could climax if the humming is just right. I think of myself as imaginative, but I'm baffled by this one.

Help with Hummin'

Dear Help with Hummin',

Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. Oh, hi — just thinking about all the sexercises that folks might never hear or learn about until someone has the, a-hem, balls to ask about them.

Humming creates vibrations with one's mouth and lips. Tingling sensations can feel good on many areas of the body — the neck, ears, stomach, hands, thighs, and yes, on men's and women's genitalia. Those back massagers, vibrators, and maybe even that GM truck, are grandé hummers that use the same pleasuring principle as the hummer on your face. And the body's built-in vibrator can feel just as good as or better than the electric- or gasoline-operated kind, because it doesn't take a whole lotta humming to excite nerves just beneath the skin. Good vibrations can also loosen muscles and increase blood flow, leading to relaxation and/or excitation.

A round of applause to your friend: "playing a penile harmonica" or "vibrating the vulva" — namely the clitoris — can bring on pleasure and even orgasm. Doing it "just right" depends on what feels right to the musicians and their instruments — something learned through, you guessed it, talking and practice.

Last updated Mar 18, 2015
Originally published Feb 21, 2003

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