Help with eating disorders while outside the U.S.?

Dear Alice,

I'm a college student from Spain studying in the United States. Two years ago, I had some problems with my weight; I lost a lot of pounds in a few months and I became anorexic. After this, now, I have problems with my eating. I can't get control of myself sometimes and I think that I would need help to lose almost three pounds because I think that I will not be able to achieve it by myself.

Every time I eat something that I shouldn't, I feel bad after it. I feel guilty. Please help me. I need to know where I can get help when I am not in school.

— Mari

Dear Mari,

Having an eating disorder is a challenge and a serious medical issue, but you are taking the right steps by asking for help. A variety of health care providers and treatment programs are available to help you manage your disorder while you're back home or anywhere else away from school. It's up to you to decide which form of treatment works best for you and then seek out the care you need.  

Back home, your family health care provider or local health clinic can refer you to a health care provider, registered dietitian, or mental health professional who specializes in eating disorders. Also, if you receive care for anorexia on campus, your campus health care provider may be able to help you locate treatment abroad.

You can also find support and links to treatment for eating disorders through many organizations worldwide such as:

Hopefully these resources help you find support for your eating concerns when school is out of session.

Take care!

Last updated Mar 26, 2015
Originally published Apr 01, 1994

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