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Dear Alice,

What self-help groups are on campus? I know of the AA meeting that is held on Tuesdays 12:15 to 1:40 PM. Please contact me at my e-mail.

Dear Reader,

There are many groups and opportunities for support and skill-building on the Columbia campus. Not knowing what topics you are interested in, here is information about many different options.

To start, both Alice! Health Promotion and Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) offer a number of different groups and programs that are facilitated by professional staff and encourage info sharing and a supportive atmosphere. Some groups are more like workshops — meeting once or a few times. Others are ongoing throughout the semester or year. You can request a trainings and workshops through Alice! Health Promotion and the Center for Student Wellness. The counseling services on both the Morningside and Medical Center campuses offer groups and workshops as well. 

In addition, both campuses offer tobacco cessation program for for students interested in quitting smoking. During the sessions, you'll be able to examine the behaviors involved in smoking, learn and practice techniques to address the behaviors that help get quitters through cravings, and discuss nicotine replacement and other medication options available to help with kicking the habit.

Perhaps you're looking for something more like a traditional 12-step group, or on a topic that isn't offered on campus right now. Numerous organizations in New York City and nationwide are available that may have what you're looking for, or may be able to help you form your own group or chapter at Columbia. Here are some to try:

Also, many resources can be found on the Web for self-help and support. It's important to seek information from reputable organizations that have a proven track record, an unbiased approach, and accurate contact information. A good place to start is Mental Health America, which provides links to hundreds of organizations around the country.

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Good luck in your search for support,

Last updated May 22, 2015
Originally published Sep 21, 2001