Gotta get my new Q&A fix! Where can I find 'em?!

1) Dear Alice,

Just had a quick easy question about your webpage!! I wanted to know if there is anywhere on your page to just see what answers/questions that you post each week? I have looked through the site I don't know how many times to just see the new stuff besides the top five or six that you answer. It seems like I find a few every now and then that I have not seen before. Maybe as a suggestion: Make a link to show the Regs to the page what all you answer each week so we don't have to search for them.



2) Dear Alice,

I would just like to complain that you said that new questions and answers were going to be posted every Friday. Well it's Friday, and the same old questions are still there. When will the new ones be up? Otherwise your site is great and has good advice and answers on it. I just wish you could post the new questions soon as I asked one. Love you, Alice.

— x

Dear R and x,

Your voracious appetites for knowledge are commendable! Wouldn’t want to deny the regulars their health info fix… so, first things first: Where to find the newest Q&As? That’s an easy one! As x mentioned, new and recently updated Q&As — five of them posted every Friday — are located on the Go Ask Alice! home page. For other new and updated Q&As that have been published that week, you can click on the recent Q&As link just below the five featured Q&As on the home page (or under the Health Answers menu). Hopefully, R, you’ll find a few you haven’t already read this way.

Fast forward to Friday: You’re cruising the site and still see last Friday’s featured Q&As. Where are the newest ones?! Unless something has changed, Fridays have 24 hours. So technically, posting the new questions and answers during any one of those hours would fulfill the ongoing commitment to posting newbies on Fridays. It's possible that you're writing from Japan, or China, or Australia, where it's tomorrow already, making Saturday the posting day in your neighborhood.

As far as responding to your questions right away, patience is definitely a virtue. Speedy replies almost always take a back seat to answers that take a while to research, write, edit, review, edit some more, etc. The advice given to others like you who are frustrated by this Go Ask Alice! factoid goes like this: make sure to check the Q&A archives to see if a question similar to yours was previously answered, and know that every question submitted (several hundred a week, at the moment) is read.

Now, this is the good part: both of you are perfect candidates for Get Alice! in Your Box. By signing up, you will automatically receive an email every Friday with links to the newly posted Q&As, the Theme of the Week, This Week's Poll, and more. While it’s not sent at 12:01 AM on Friday mornings wherever you’ve found yourself hungry for health info, at least you won't have to keep checking the site with the hope that new material has finally been posted.

Much appreciation for your eagerness, visits, and passionate feedback,

Last updated Nov 02, 2018
Originally published Oct 25, 2001

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