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Dear Alice,

Is there any hope of getting "Alice!'s" archived answers re-configured so that you can go directly to a specific question without having to scroll through every subsequent one? I have a feeling Alice is getting so many redundant questions because looking for a previous answer to the same question is incredibly time-consuming, especially if it's an old one. Try it sometime!

— Constructive critic

Dear Constructive critic,

Thank you for your watchfulness and constructive suggestion. Ideas from readers are seriously considered and regular updates and improvements are released. Go Ask Alice!'s most recent makeover focused on increasing its user-friendliness and interactivity, among other highlights. Existing features were enhanced and new features were added to make the site easier for readers to navigate as they browse through the archives for answers to their questions.

Now you can look for a specific subject by using the search box located on the top right of each page. The search results will bring up titles and links of Q&As that are most closely related to the keyword(s) entered. You may also see suggested Q&As, themes, and more related to the terms you’ve entered in to the search. Do keep in mind though, some terms are very general and may produce a good number of results. Being specific helps!

You can also browse any of the six meta-categories and dozens of subcategories, where you may find a particular Q&A. Newly added subcategories will help readers find information more readily. Within each subcategory, the Q&As are listed in descending order by date published or updated, with the newest (or most recently updated) Q&A at the very top. And you can easily scan through the Q&As in a subcategory by finding and clicking on it from the left side navigation menu. Each question you visit will also feature a set of related questions. These options are carefully selected to allow further exploration of the topic(s) discussed in a given Q&A.

Here's hoping that these new features have helped you locate information on Go Ask Alice! with greater ease. Thanks for providing feedback and we hope you will continue exploring the site. For more information about Go Ask Alice!, you can go to the FAQs (frequently asked questions) and the About Alice! pages.

Last updated Nov 30, 2018
Originally published Mar 31, 1994

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