Getting The Go Ask Alice Book of Answers

Dear Alice,

Could I possibly get your book at Barnes & Noble?

Dear Reader,

A version of Go Ask Alice! when you don’t have wifi is a good thing, right? The quick answer is yes. The "Go Ask Alice" Book Of Answers: A Guide To Good Physical, Sexual, And Emotional Health, by Columbia University's Health Education Program (Henry Holt and Company, Inc., 1998, ISBN 0-8050-5570-3), is available in English at many major booksellers and is orderable through smaller independent stores. You can also buy it online, or perhaps browse it for free at your local library. This 345-page paperback full of Q&As from the Go Ask Alice! online archive, plus hundreds of print and electronic resources, is also available in several languages. Due to limited print runs, the non-English versions of the book may be difficult to find.

Because the book was published in 1998, you may want to review the Q&As online as well. Go Ask Alice! uses a continuous update process to ensure that online content stays fresh and relevant (including this Q&A). The Q&As featured in the book have been updated online, though in some cases the core information remains factually correct (in some areas of health little changes, though we still review and verify). All of that being said, you can learn more about the book and read some of the reviews on our about the book page.

Thanks for your interest in a hard copy version of Go Ask Alice!. We hope you continue reading.

Last updated Aug 09, 2012
Originally published Jun 08, 2001

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