Dear Alice,

Is there any place where Columbia students can get free flu shots?

Dear Reader,

Yes, and congratulations for looking out for your health! Columbia students, faculty, and staff on the Morningside campus can receive free flu shots through Columbia Health. Students on the Medical Center campus who are enrolled in the Student Health Service can also recieve the flu vaccine at no charge. These shots are available at any point during the flu season on a first come, first serve basis. For Morningside students, it's a good idea to make an appointment at Medical Services in advance, to avoid a waiting time. You can call 212-854-7426 or log on to Open Communicator to make an appointment. Medical Center students can make an appointment at the Student Health Service by calling 212-305-3400.

In addition, Columbia Health on the Mornignside campus also generally offers a number of free flu shot fairs at different locations on campus during the fall semester of each year. Columbia students, faculty, and staff are welcome to get a flu shot at these fairs or by coming into Medical Services.

For more information about the flu shot and whether you might want to get one this year, you can check out Should I get a flu shot?.

Best of luck staying healthy this flu season,


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