Eternally hard

Dear Alice,


On a recent trip to the village, I visited a store selling "Stones" which, according to the guy working behind the counter, make you 'keep cumming and cumming without losing an erection'. It's a little candy looking thing which says you are to rub it on your penis to be able to, as it says on the package, 'cum like a tornado." Is this legit? Should I go for it?

-Potentially Eternally Hard

Dear Potentially Eternally Hard,

Stones are one of many products on the market designed to help sustain erections. They contain a desensitizing substance made from tree sap and other herbs that work in combination to initiate numbing. Stones are not as easy to locate as some other numbing products, because many stores refuse to sell them. The decision not to sell stones, according to various storeowners, is the result of numerous complaints from consumers claiming that the product causes abrasions. Additionally, stones may cause your partner to encounter an unpleasant taste during oral sex (unless you use a condom, which is safe for use with stones), and it can also numb your partner’s genitals to the point that s/he may not be able to feel tearing or other serious pain during penetrative sex.

There are many products on the market similar to stones, including erection lotions, stud spray, and chinabrush, all of which are applied externally and are known for their numbing effects. These numbing substances reduce stimulation and sensation, thereby helping to delay ejaculation. If you’re interested in prolonging sex or maintaining an erection for long periods of time, but you’re not keen on numbing cream, there are lots of other ideas. For example, you can try the Karezza technique, a practice in which sex goes on for as long as possible without reaching orgasm. Ideally, Karezza sex does not result in orgasm at all, which may intensify and sustain your erection much longer than traditional sex. You can also try masturbating several times before having intercourse, which may help to slow you down during the main event. Another popular technique is intentionally distracting yourself during intercourse with unsexy thoughts to delay orgasm. Perhaps most importantly, consider spending some time thinking about whether or why you want to remain eternally hard. Maintaining an erection for too long can be very painful, especially if creams or medications induce it.

If you want to use stones as a method to treat issues such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, it’s a good idea to set up an appointment with your doctor for a comprehensive evaluation and discussion. Your doctor may have suggestions about behavioral practices or medications that may help you maintain an erection.

Last updated Feb 14, 2014
Originally published Mar 23, 1995

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