Erotic videos with women in mind

Dear Alice,

What are some erotic videos that are written with women in mind? Most erotic videos are produced to appeal to what turns men on. But what options are there for women? Thanks.

Dear Reader,

You're right, many erotic videos are produced (and marketed) to appeal to stereotypically masculine fantasies and desires. Erotic entertainment geared at getting women viewers off is less common. Which is unfortunate, since plenty of gals do enjoy watching sexy images. For sex-positive videos written with women in mind, you can look for films that are produced by, directed by, and/or star such women as:

  • Betty Dodson
  • Veronica Hart
  • Nina Hartley
  • Carol Queen
  • Candida Royalle
  • Annie Sprinkle
  • Tristan Taormino

A number of these women also have websites. Some of these women's videos, such as Candida Royalle's, have involved storylines that feature full body shots rather than just genital close-ups. Others that are produced by, directed by, and/or star these femmes are "how to" educational flicks on masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, or other techniques. A number of sex toy stores also stock volumes of erotic movies — check out a sex positive store to find a selection of videos that are produced by and/or feature empowered women at Babeland, Good Vibrations, the Smitten Kitten, or your local all-gender-friendly sex shop. You can also find video suggestions from online sex experts; for example, a selection of recommended erotica at Tiny Nibbles by Violet Blue.

Since explicit videos are not one-size-fits-all, you may or may not find videos produced and directed by women to be sexy. Similar to individual tastes for particular entertainment on the big screen — whether Hollywood or Independent studios or genres, including drama, comedy, or action — women have preferences for particular types of erotic entertainment on the small screen. Some women enjoy hard-core amateur videos that emphasize women's pleasure. Others prefer soft-core romantic scenes or classics that emphasize female desire and fantasy. Videos are often listed by various categories — including erotic drama, women directors, well developed plot, emphasis on women's pleasure, amateur, sex education, couples, lesbian, bisexual, and fancy filmmaking — that will help you to find videos that you find sexy.

While you may come across some porn and erotica you find less than tasteful in your search, the process can be enjoyable and can help you explore and understand your likes and dislikes. So have fun!

Last updated May 01, 2015
Originally published Aug 03, 2001

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