Dr. Do Diddle: Pre-med masturbation and productivity

Dear Alice,

I'm a male pre-med student (eighteen yrs) currently studying in a university. But I have an important question: I try not to masturbate, but sometimes find it hard to stop it (masturbate). Recently, I've been masturbating almost every week and since I'm a sincere pre-med student, I've developed a concern about whether too much masturbating/ejaculating will cause me to lose my memory skills and intellectual abilities, and interfere with my mental and physical abilities (including interference with my education due to lack of energy and poor memory skills caused by masturbation). I get depressed due to these thoughts and am afraid to talk about this with my parents or anyone else. Please help me. I need your help because other postings confuse me and don't answer all my questions. I'm sorry for this long question.

Dear Reader,

You don't have to be a doctor to know that masturbation (whether once per week, or once per hour) does not cause memory loss, decreased brain power, fatigue, or depression — that is, unless you're doing it instead of school work, socializing, eating, sleeping, bathing, etc. Your stress about your normal masturbation pattern, combined with the energy you use "trying not to do it," might even decrease your productivity far more than playing doctor with yourself would. It would be surprising to learn that Einstein, Curie, and Spock didn't take stimulating study breaks themselves. And look what masterful work they accomplished!

Remember, energy is neither created nor destroyed. So go ahead and release that sexual energy. You might even be able to convert it into an "A" on that anatomy test!

Last updated Jul 15, 2015
Originally published Jan 29, 1999

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