Curious about human breast milk

Dear Alice,

As I cannot remember, like most of us, how human milk tastes, is there any information you could provide me with? This is mere curiosity, and me and my girlfriend wondered if there might be any artificial way to try this out!! Of course, only if this is safe for her. I will appreciate your responses. Both me and my girlfriend are scientists, and this is really one of those things we just thought of trying, if possible! Would this be considered 'kinky sex'?

Curious about human milk

Dear Curious about human milk,

This gives a whole new meaning to a milk moustache doesn't it? Human milk is primarily made up of protein, fat, lactose, vitamins, and minerals. It's said to taste a lot like skim milk from cows — thin, with a low fat content. Like many other bodily fluids, tastes and textures may vary depending on the person's recent food intake as well as unique body flavor profiles.

As far as milk production is concerned, during pregnancy, hormones from the placenta stimulate the cells in the breast to create sac-like structures called lobules that produce and store milk. After birth, the mother produces the prolactin hormone to maintain the changes in the breast, and to continue producing milk. An infant suckling on the breast stimulates prolactin release, so the more the infant nurses, the more milk is produced.

You haven't mentioned exactly where you plan to attain this human milk. Is your girlfriend pregnant, or is she planning to become pregnant soon? If not, it's extremely difficult to stimulate milk production in non-recently pregnant women. If she's lactating, would you drink the milk directly from her nipple or would she pump it into a container? If she is breastfeeding a baby, it's a good idea to make sure you don't have any type of virus that could be passed to the baby by sharing the same nipple. Infants may be particularly vulnerable to colds, influenza, and other common viruses. Also, is there enough milk produced to feed the baby and share with others? Finally, is your girlfriend comfortable with idea of you drinking her milk, as well as the actual process of getting the milk?

An excellent resource for more information about natural breast milk is La Leche League International, which gives instructions and support to women who breastfeed. You can check the website and/or contact your local chapter.

Lastly, would tasting human breast milk be considered kinky sex? Well, it depends on the people involved and what their perceptions and ideas of kinky sex are. Curiosity about the taste of human milk may certainly be natural, healthy, and non-sexual or sexual in nature — your choice.

Last updated Apr 02, 2015
Originally published Mar 09, 1995

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