Connection between ejaculation frequency and prostate health

Dear Alice,

I have been coming across articles on the connection between masturbation, ejaculation, and overall health. I was very surprised about this article from the Cancer Council Victoria in Australia . It was a study that confirmed that ejaculation frequency is important for a healthy prostate. The protective effect was most significant in men in their twenties who ejaculated on average 7 or more times per week. It compared this against same-age men who ejaculated less than 3 times per week. I made a New Year's resolution to pay attention to my body and to cum at least once a day. I feel much better for it and my penis strength and sexual urge has increased immensely. I feel balanced. After a year, I can't imagine going back to my old repressed frequency and probably couldn?t keep from cumming for a whole day if I tried now. Why aren?t people made aware of this need? After getting used to daily +, I often have the urge to do it even more, but hold back. Are there any physical problems with over ejaculating?

Dear Trevor,

What a fabulous New Year’s resolution to pay attention to your body!  Your efforts are worth applauding, as being in tune with yourself and your new masturbation schedule seems to have paid off, as you note that you feel “balanced” and “much better for it.”  Happily, no physical problems are associated with over-ejaculating, so don’t worry about giving in to the natural urge to enjoy and pleasure yourself more often.  You clearly have a strong awareness of the positive effects of masturbation on your body, so go ahead and experiment with masturbation frequency — in this way, you can determine what frequency feels best for you and your regular routine.

You also ask why people aren’t made aware of the “need” to masturbate often.  Good question — especially in light of the study’s findings that frequent ejaculation helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer.  Unfortunately, self-stimulation — as with most sexual acts — is often viewed as shameful, dirty, immoral, and all sorts of other negative adjectives.  Wouldn’t it be great if masturbation could be seen as the healthy, enjoyable, and beneficial activity it really is, openly talked about and (gasp!) endorsed?  Perhaps one day it will be — with more people like you who are open-minded and bold enough to talk about it in a positive light.  

Enjoy — and pass that article along to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and anybody and everybody else!

Last updated Jun 09, 2015
Originally published Jan 27, 2006

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