Condoms at Columbia

Dear Alice,

Is there any place to get condoms on the Columbia campus after Medical Services and Alice!'s hours? If not I really feel like there should be — I almost got caught short the other night, well after Columbia Health and Alice!'s offices were closed.

Dear Reader,

Bravo for practicing safer sex! There are actually quite a few places on campus to find condoms and other safer sex supplies. This sexual health map is an excellent resource that shows where to get condoms on the Columbia University Morningside campus. Some of the locations feature more than just condoms. For example, students can obtain lubricant samples and dental dams from Medical Services and Alice! Additionally, female condoms are available at many of the locations noted on the map.

If you find yourself in the same situation and nothing seems to be open or available on campus, there are some options. One good resource is in your residence hall. Your resident advisor may have condoms available for students in the dorms. Free condoms are also available through the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. You can check out their website to find tons of free condom locations. You simply choose your borough, enter your zip code and the resulting search will show locations where students or individuals can obtain free condoms.

If you’ve got the money for the purchase of condoms, stores and markets surrounding the Columbia University campus, such as Duane Reade (24 hrs), Rite Aid, Hamilton Deli, and Morton Williams, have condoms available for purchase after typical daytime business hours. Lastly, you might think about picking up a couple of items each time you’re near any of these options. It never hurts to have a few spare resources available for you (or a friend).

Congrats again for making your health a priority.

Originally published Jul 31, 2015

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