Can virgins have orgasms?

Hey Alice,

Can virgins experience orgasms?

Dear Reader,

Yes, yes... oh, yes!

As anyone who's ever masturbated or had an orgasm while dreaming is fully aware, people can an orgasm without engaging in penetrative sex or even sexual activity. In fact, research demonstrates that the first time many people experience an orgasm is through masturbation, rather than through sex with another person. 

Physiologically, orgasm isn't partner dependent and doesn't discriminate against the sexually inexperienced. For example, two virgins can still feel "sexual" thrills, and orgasm, while being intimate without sex. Orgasms have even been reported by a wide array of people while doing everything from riding a roller coaster or motorcycle to walking down the street or physical activity. Even further, virginity is a socially constructed concept, and many people have different ideas of what virginity actually is. For some people, it's abstaining from certain acts, while others may engage in those same acts and consider themselves to be virgins. The way the body responds to being stimulated isn't dependent on a person's particular beliefs around virginity. 

Learning about your body by yourself or with a partner can help you realize that orgasm is attainable in a variety of ways. An added benefit could be an increased awareness of body responses, which could enable someone to teach a current or future partner about their own likes and dislikes.

Happy exploring!

Last updated Jul 01, 2022
Originally published Jan 15, 1999

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