Can condom stay if erection went away?


What happens if a guy has a condom on, then his penis goes limp? Can you just get an erection again and it will be ok to use?

— Condom User

Dear Condom User,

If a guy's member decides to take a break while a condom's still on, it's not a problem. When getting hard again, just make sure that:

  1. The condom is once again rolled down the shaft of his penis
  2. There's still pinchable space at the tip

If an hour or more has passed since the condom was used for intercourse or oral sex, it's probably a good idea to put on a new one. An unused rubber is definitely in order if a guy's penis is traveling from one opening to any other or from one partner to another.

If the condom has been ejaculated into, even if it was only a very slight amount, it needs to be taken off. If there are plans to continue getting busy or to get busy later on, a new, unused one should be put on. A good rule to follow may be: "when in doubt, throw it out!" Just make sure to use a new condom the next time the mood hits you and your partner to have sex.

Last updated Jun 12, 2015
Originally published Dec 03, 1999

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