Butt plug

Dear Alice,

What is a butt plug? And how does it work?

Dear Reader,

For some it's the motion of the ocean, for others it's the port of entry that makes all the difference. Butt plugs are just one type of pleasure craft that may be used to stimulate the anus. For many, anal play and penetration are extremely enjoyable because of the concentration of nerve endings and the proximity to the prostate (the male g-spot) and female g-spot, two very pleasurable areas.

Often in the shape of elongated diamonds or triangles, butt plugs are inserted and held in place by the sphincter muscles at the opening of the anus. The muscles clench around the toy and the wide base prevents the toy from coming out or going in too far. They are "plugged" into place (not slid in and out like other toys) and provide sensations of pressure and fullness, while allowing for stimulation to and penetration of other parts of the body. The sphincter reacts to the butt plug by clenching and unclenching, which may provide heightened pleasure. Butt plugs may even have vibrating functions or be textured or curved to provide extra stimulation to the prostate and female g-spot, intensifying orgasm.

Butt plugs range in length, girth, and material so those interested in trying them out have many options to explore. Those with less experience in stern-side stimulation may want to consider using slimmer butt plugs at first before gradually building up to more elaborate toys. Beginning each rear end rendezvous with manual stimulation of the anus may help the penetratee to relax while inserting a well-lubricated butt plug, preventing tears or irritation of the sensitive anal tissue. Using a condom over the butt plug may also help avoid introducing any germs or bacteria into the anus if the toy is being shared with a partner (though it's highly recommended that toys not be shared, especially those made out of plastic or other porous materials).

With any sex toy, it's crucial that it be washed and disinfected after each use. Though there are many options, metal and silicone toys are recommended since they are easy to wash and don't hold bacteria. Silicone is also hypoallergenic, pliable, long-lasting, and holds heat, which may enhance pleasure. To clean silicone or metal toys, place them in boiling water for five to ten minutes, put them in the dishwasher, or hand clean them with soap and hot water.

For those considering butt plugs, discussing options and desires with your partner is a great first step. Visiting your local sex-positive toy shop or online store may also help you find the perfect plug for you.

Smooth sailing!

Last updated Feb 24, 2015
Originally published Mar 25, 2011

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