Boyfriend sits down when he urinates

Dear Alice,

My boyfriend sits on the toilet when he urinates (I thought most guys stand when they urinate). This seems unusual. Any thoughts?

Dear Reader,

Maybe he's tired. Could your boyfriend be bashful about broadcasting his business? Did he grow accustomed to sit-down pees as a kid from having gone to the women's room with his mom? Could he be taking care of two things at once? Is he reading, too? Maybe he's splash proofing so you'll stay dry? Don't know what the stats are on positions-when-urinating, but it's probably safe to say that most guys stand, largely because it's faster and easier, plus urinals don't make for comfortable seating. Your boyfriend may just feel more comfortable sitting down to pee.

If you want to start a discussion on urination positions, you could either try standing yourself the next time nature calls (if you're a woman); or, over a romantic dinner, you can say, "Hey honey, I've noticed that you tinkle hands-free — you know, like you're only supposed to do for #2." Or, "I've heard that you pee sitting down and I was wondering... what's up with that?" Point: If you and your boyfriend are happy and tight, perhaps the exacts of his excretions aren't really a worthy concern. Shucks, doesn't everyone deserve to pee in peace?

Last updated Jun 24, 2015
Originally published Oct 06, 2000

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