Asking someone to the prom, or something else

Dear Alice,


I was wondering if you could give me a good idea on asking a girl to the prom. I need some original ideas. I hope it is not a problem. Thanks.

Dear Reader,

Not a problem at all! Lots of us get stumped when it comes to asking someone to go with us to a fancy, or any, occasion. There are many ways you could ask her, ranging from, "You're really awesome and I'd be most honored if you'd come to the prom with me," to a picnic in the park, with a note in the basket asking her to be your date. Who is this person? Is she your girlfriend, or someone who you've never dated before? In either case, you could try or adapt some of these ideas:

  • Send her a card telling her why you'd like her to be your date, noting the things you like about her. This will make her feel special.
  • Show up at her locker after school with a flower and ask her.
  • Plan an afternoon in the park, or any romantic place, and tell her how honored you'd be if she'd be your date.
  • Send her a goofy e-mail with a poem you wrote about the prom, ending in your request. The sillier, the better: "Roses are red, violets are blue. Prom won't be fun, if I'm not with you." You're bound to get a laugh, and hopefully a date.
  • To take that one step further, give her a playlist or CD of songs she would like, preceded by a recorded reading of your poem inviting her to the prom with you. Label the CD with something like, "Hurry, play me now," so that she won't get your message when it's too late (after the prom, that is).
  • If she's a friend and you know her well, pick her favorite place as a meeting spot (for example, the beach, a park, her favorite restaurant or coffee shop) and ask her there.
  • Look in a fashion magazine, and you'll find pictures of dresses. Cut out a dress that you think she would like. Next, you could find an old picture of you and a picture of her, like the ones in your yearbook. Put the picture of her face on the dress next to a picture of you. When you've got a private moment with her and the time is right, give her the picture and tell her what a beautiful couple you'd make at the prom. At a minimum, you'll get points for being original.

Be brave: ask her in whatever way you'd like. Remember, if she says no, you can always use these ideas with some other lucky mate. Good luck.

Last updated Jul 14, 2015
Originally published Apr 28, 2000

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