Anal ejaculate?

Dear Alice,

I am a 16-year-old male. I don't consider myself to be gay by any means, but like many other guys I have read about on your site, I enjoy anal stimulation during masturbation, or even by itself. I have a question, though. When I perform anal masturbation, I have an orgasm... I suppose through anal masturbation. It smells and looks like sperm, and there is a lot. It only happens after I am aroused. When I have an orgasm, it sort of comes out as if I were coming from my penis. What is this? What's the deal? I thought that your anus couldn't lubricate? Thanks!

Slippery anus

Dear Slippery anus,

With all the sensitive nerve endings nearby, it’s natural for some people — regardless of their sex assigned at birth or sexual orientation — to enjoy anal stimulation. Likewise, it’s typical for the inside of the anus to release some lubrication during sexual arousal and orgasm! However, if your anus is releasing any liquid when it’s not contracting (whether for sexual purposes or to expel feces) or if you experience diarrhea, pain during bowel movements, or bloody stools, you may wish to speak with your health care provider. Interested in getting to the “bottom” of this? Keep on reading!

The anus is capable of “self-lubricating,” but not in the same way the vagina does. The anus itself is located at the end of the gastrointestinal (digestive) tract, at the very end of the rectum. The rectum, which holds stool to be expelled by the anus, is lined with mucus membranes that contain glands that produce mucus. This mucus appears as a clear fluid or jelly-like substance, and coats and protects the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. Specifically, anal mucus may be secreted during defecation or anal stimulation. During times when the anal area becomes aroused, the pelvic muscles begin to twitch, and the anus might rhythmically contract to stimulate an orgasm. These contractions may cause the mucus membranes to secrete mucus and this might be the liquid you've noticed. While many people don’t experience a noticeable amount of lubrication, others may experience more.

Additionally, sweat around the anal canal may further increase moisture around the area. However, keep in mind that this moisture is generally insufficient to replace artificial personal lubrication (lube) during sexual activities. As such, it’s key that you continue to use lube when engaging in any anal stimulation — especially if you’re inserting any toys or body parts into the anus. Lube can reduce the risk of abrasions due to friction, as well as potentially make it more comfortable, adding to the enjoyment.

Also, it’s worth reiterating that people of all genders can enjoy anal stimulation — regardless of their sexual orientation. For all people, the anus has a large number of sensitive nerve endings, which when touched, caressed, massaged, or otherwise stimulated, may be pleasurable for some. Moreover, people assigned male at birth also have a gland known as the prostate, which can be stimulated through the anal canal. This gland (sometimes referred to as the “male g-spot”) may also produce immense pleasure when stimulated from within the anus for some people. With this knowledge, aren’t you “gland” you worked up the “nerve” to explore your body?

At the end of the day (or a good masturbation session), it’s good to check in with your body. If you’re concerned about your experience, might like to talk about it further, or suspect that something is a little off, it may be best to speak with your health care provider who can “anal”yze the situation and help you find a peace of mind.

Last updated Apr 13, 2018
Originally published Mar 10, 2000

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