Dear Alice,

I'm always tired. I get plenty of rest (at least eight hours a night), eat healthy, and exercise regularly. I went to my doctor and he took blood only to conclude that I am perfectly healthy. But every day, I am exhausted constantly to the point that it affects my everyday activities. Any suggestions as to what I can do?

Dear Reader,

Glad to hear you went to your health care provider to investigate your chronic tiredness. Sleep, diet, and exercise are all key components of feeling refreshed and energized. Given that you’ve gotten the “okay” on your physical health, it is also critical to consider your emotional well being. Sometimes occasional and mild sadness, not to mention stress, can significantly impact energy levels and possibly prolong fatigue. Factors to consider include:

  • Stress and anxiety: Have you been feeling stressed out lately? Stress can really take a toll on a person’s energy level. There are a wide variety of stressors, from personal finances, to workload, to relationships. Managing your stress (one inch at a time) can help you regain your energy and get you back on top.
  • Depression: Singing the blues can significantly impact your energy, as well as your sense of confidence. Have you been feeling more irritable, sad, or hopeless than usual? Depression is a serious condition that warrants professional help, as it can impact your productivity and knock out your energy.     
  • Getting in “me” time: Have you had any time to just relax and enjoy yourself? Going non-stop through a million green lights can be exhausting if you don’t get any down time. Perhaps take a moment to consider whether you are allowing yourself the relaxation you need. A little down time can go a long way when it comes to revamping your energy level!  

You may want to seek a second medical opinion or speak with a professional counselor. Remember, there are multiple components of health and well being.

Be well,


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