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I read your answer to the question, Why do you answer dumb questions? and wonder if that was my question with a lot of editing or if someone else thought that the exact same two previously answered questions were dumb. I submitted Why do you answer dumb questions? several weeks ago and mentioned the same two previously answered questions as "Who do I thank for my penis?" and "Can we have sex when pregnant?" but it was not signed susan nor did my question mention me asking about yeast infections, yet the format and much of the content was exactly the same, which makes me realize that maybe a lot of the questions posted are partially fabricated.

Dear Reader,

There were two separate and remarkably similar submissions on the topic of "dumb questions." It's not uncommon for such twins to appear in the GAA! inbox, suggesting that many folks share the same thoughts and feelings. As far as your concerns about fabrication, Go Ask Alice! receives thousands of questions every month. Due to the wide array of questions that are submitted, there is no need to make up questions, in part or in whole. The high number of questions submitted means that very similar questions are asked on a routine basis. So while it may feel unlikely that someone could ask almost the same question, it's actually a very common occurrence!

That being said, there are a few instances in which the Go Ask Alice! team will make modifications to the the user submitted question. As an anonymous Q&A site, Go Ask Alice! is committed to protecting the identity of the readers who submit questions to the site. When a question is signed with a name, Go Ask Alice! changes anything that may be identify that reader beyond the website. For example, "John in San Diego" would likely be shortened to simply "John." In other instances, the name may be altered entirely if it's a less common name or if the question is very specific. Why? It's done to protect privacy. You may think you're completely anonymous sitting there behind your computer screen, but it can be a small world... wide web, too. It's also the case that occasionally Go Ask Alice!  alters grammar and spelling to make the language of the question more clear but never to change the context, meaning, and format of what has been asked.

The site has a vast supply of intriguing, thoughtful, quirky, and serious questions from real readers like yourself — here's hoping you'll keep them coming!

Last updated Jan 14, 2022
Originally published Mar 10, 2000

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