Dear Alice,

My girlfriend jiggles like crazy during sex! I can't seem to control her! One night she jiggled right off the bed! Please help.

Dear Reader,

It sounds like your girlfriend has an extreme case of the jiggles. Take a second to think about what could be causing her uncontrollable shakes. Could your mate's movement heighten her arousal during sex? Is she uninhibited enough to care less about "normal" bedroom behavior in favor of total, all-out sexual pleasure? Is she rehearsing for an upcoming Jello commercial?

Regardless of how these uncontrollable jiggles enhance your girlfriend's pleasure, it sounds like her wiggling around is getting in the way of your enjoyment of sex. You may want to think about what bothers you about her jiggling. Then you can initiate a conversation with her about your mutual needs. Perhaps learning why she shakes, rattles, and rolls in the sack will lead to a tasty compromise.

However, keep in mind that “controlling” your girlfriend (other than to prevent her from tumbling onto the floor) is not the goal here. With communication and understanding, the two of you can learn to move to the beat — to both of your hearts’ content.  


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