What's the spoon position?

| Originally Published: March 27, 1998
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Dear Alice,

I have heard a lot about many different sexual positions. One that I have heard of but never known is spooning. I have heard it used in terms other than sexual (i.e., two people lying together). The friends I have questioned on this have not heard of it so they are of little help. Can you tell me what spooning is?



Dear Spooned,

Spooning happens when two people, facing the same direction, are lying on their sides and are next to each other on a bed, a sofa, the floor, the beach, the grass, a train seat, the roof — okay, enough. Usually, one person is hugging the other from behind. Picture two spoons stacked side-by-side in a silverware drawer, and you'll get the picture of this position and the origin of its name. If a spoonful of sex were on the menu at the time, a man's penis could be in the vagina or anus of his partner. Some adjusting might be necessary depending upon each person's height and build.