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Jul 21, 2017

Marijuana: Does it cause cancer?

Dear Alice,

I have been reading some of your info about marijuana. My question is: If it is so much stronger than smoking cigarettes and has some of the same ingredients, why don't we hear reports of people who have some form of cancer?

Secondhand marijuana smoke and drug tests


I was at a party nine days ago, when my friends all started smoking pot. I didn't give in to the peer pressure. I didn't smoke any. But I did stay and hang around with them, and I think I got a little "contact buzz" from the second hand smoke. I'm in the military and have a random drug test tomorrow. Will second hand smoke show up in pee tests?? Please help me.

Thank You

Wants to stop smoking pot

Dear Alice,

I have been doing weed for about six months now and on occasion a few other drugs. I usually do it only on average three times a week and a lot more on the weekends. I feel that it is ruining my life because my concentration is terrible and my marks have dropped significantly (20 points). I feel like I'm in a dream all the time and it just isn't fun anymore. I have heard that pot is not addictive but I have tried to stop but I feel sick and irritable if I don't smoke up. I have realized I need to quit but I can't. Why can't I stop if this "soft drug" is not addictive? Am I crazy? Please help. I want my life back. Thank you so much.

— Permafried

Marijuana addiction?

Dear Alice,

For people who are addicted to smoking marijuana, is it a physical or psychological addiction?

— Weed wacker