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Jan 06, 2017

Overcooked pasta and beans — Still nutritious?

Dear Alice,

I know if I cook vegetables too long, they would lose nutrients. How about pasta and beans? Do they lose their carbohydrates and proteins and other nutrients in them if I cook too long? I always cook pasta and beans for over an hour because I like nice and soft and plumed pastas and beans. Am I eating zero nutritious pasta and beans?

Long Cooker

Beans cause gassy discomfort — Any relief?

Dear Alice,

I have been searching for natural and/or dietary sources of galactosidase enzyme, the enzyme found in BEANO.

BEANO derives it from the mold, Aspergillus Niger, I understand. But, since BEANO is so expensive I was trying to find ways to get around buying it. I am convinced that there are natural sources out there that would help.