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Jun 16, 2017

Transgender partner — How can I provide support?

Dear Alice,

I'm just wondering if you have any advice for the girlfriend of a trans guy. I absolutely adore him, but sometimes I feel so bad for him because he has to go through a lot of awful stuff with society and his family. I know I can't fix things for him, but is there anything I should be doing/saying to constructively make him feel better? What should I do when he gets depressed?

—Loving Girlfriend

Will I ever find a gay partner?

Dear Alice,

I've been gay all of my life, and until just now, I've learned to accept it. I've told all my friends that I am gay. Some of them didn't like that, and now they're not my friends. None of my other friends are gay, which was a disappointment because I had a crush on one of them. Now I don't know what to do because not only do I not know who else is gay, but I don't have the courage to ask someone out. I'm afraid that if I can't ask someone out by the time I'm out of college, I'll never be able to have a relationship. I don't want to have to resort to online dating either. I want to know how I can overcome my fear.

— Gay and proud

My parents don't believe I'm bi!

Dear Alice,

I came out recently to my parents as being bisexual. They were surprised, as expected, but they didn't believe me! They said it's "not normal for someone to suddenly change their orientation." But it wasn't sudden — I've known for a while! What should I tell them?

Feeling guilty about "gay thoughts"

Dear Alice:

I'm a teen male who recently had a mutual masturbation experience with a male friend of the same age. Although I have always been interested in girls, now when I masturbate, I fantasize of having sex with another boy — like my friend. But, when I finish masturbating, I feel guilty about my gay thoughts. I don't know what is going on, am I gay or bi? Should I have sex with another man? What can I do?

Guilty Teen

Safer sex between women

Hi Alice,

I am a young gay female. I am in the middle of a relationship. It is the first time for both of us. A friend gave us a book of stories and poems, etc. about gay relationships. In a couple, there were mentions of safe sex. I never realized that sex between two women was not safe. If you could give me any details of safer sex, it would ease my mind.

Thank you.