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Jun 02, 2017

Nipple piercings

Dear Alice,

I was thinking about getting my nipple pierced and was wondering if it will make my nipple sag. If I decide after a few years that I don't want it anymore, can I still breastfeed? Will it permanately damage my nipple?

Keloid scars

Dear Alice,

I have several keloid scars on my body. I have tried injections to make them smaller, but they later grew bigger as I put on weight. Is there anything out there that can successfully remove my keloid scars without having to worry that they will come back?

Thank you.

Pondering the pros and cons of tongue piercing

(1) Hey Alice,

I'm considering getting my tongue pierced. Is there anything I ought to know before I get it done? What should I look for in a piercing place? Does the piercing ever have negative effects — I don't know, tongue paralysis or something? Thanks!

(2) Alice,

If and when I decide to take my tongue ring out, I worry that there will be scarring tissue or an ugly hole in the middle of my tongue. Is this the case?