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Dec 23, 2016

Does warm milk really lull us to dreamland?

Dear Alice,

I recently was reminded about the practice of using warm milk to fall asleep easier. I thought to myself... "Hey, I'm almost ready for bed... why not give it a whirl." So, I took the glass of milk I was already drinking and popped it into the microwave. It was in there for about three minutes and when I opened the door... it had overflowed. Not only that, but when I stuck my finger in to see how hot it was, a skin of milk came off and stuck to my finger. It burned me. To make it worse, the smell of the warmed milk grossed me out so much that I can still smell it now... 15 minutes later. Do people actually like this method? Or, do they just suffer through it to have a good night sleep? And, does it really work?

Family feuds over furnace

Dear Alice,

Please help a family dispute. What is the optimal temperature to keep the furnace at during the day and night during the winter months, and can keeping the temperature too high result in increased illness?