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Jun 09, 2017

Infrared heat lamps

Dear Alice,

What are the benefits, risks, hazards of those infrared heat lights various companies sell? Thanks.

— Reddened

Does sweating release toxins?

Hello Alice,

After practicing yoga in normal temperatures for years, I recently attended a heated yoga class (heated quite hot: 95 to 100 degrees!). The experience left me dizzy, nauseous, and completely enervated. Afterwards, I expressed my concern to the teacher, asking why the studio needed to be so hot. She "explained" that by sweating, supposedly the body releases "toxins" and that my nausea and dizziness must indicate that I need to "detox." Personally, I think I was suffering from heat exhaustion. I've heard this silly explanation more than once, as many people seem to believe toxins are released through sweat. But is that true??? And — next question — doesn't exerting oneself in extremely hot temperatures seem like a recipe for dehydration? Are their any benefits that make it worthwhile, or is all this heated yoga just nonsense?

Thank you,
Likes it Cool

Microwave safety

Dear Alice,

We have a five-month-old baby, and we are concerned we have been using the microwave too much to warm his milk bottles and baby food. Is there any danger in this?

— Radiating

Laptops... and infertility?

Dear Alice,

I have had a notebook (laptop) computer for three years now. I never use it on a desk, but rather surf the web with it sitting on my lap. Since I am only 18 years old, I worry that someday I may try to make a baby and fail. Could an electronic device such as this sitting above my testicles every day lead to infertility?