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Jun 23, 2017

Replacing dairy milk with soy

(1) Dear Alice,

Recently my family has completely replaced regular two percent milk with soymilk. Is this bad? Am I not getting the calcium and things I need from regular milk? Also, does replacing milk help with weight loss? I'm afraid I am not getting the nutrition I need!

— almost vegan

(2) Dear Alice,

What are the nutritional differences between soymilk and regular milk? What are the benefits, and is one better than the other?

— Udderly confused

Vegan eating

Dear Alice,

What is the best way to begin a vegan lifestyle change? Do you have any suggestions for breakfast that are both meatless and low carbohydrate?

Calcium, milk, and osteoporosis

(1) Dear Alice,

In college, I was told that I needed four cups of milk a day to make my calcium requirement. So for the past year, I've run up a serious milk bill. But now, I keep hearing that drinking milk, taking calcium supplements, etc. actually depletes the calcium from the body. I am worried about contracting osteoporosis in later life (I'm now 23 years old). What do you think?


(2) Dear Alice,

Does drinking milk prevent osteoporosis? Then what are the best ways to prevent osteoporosis?


Lactose intolerance

(1) Hi Alice,

For some years I did not drink milk, but started to take a lot of milk just recently and discovered I cannot digest milk without developing a lot of gas, stomach aches, etc. I did not have that problem before I stopped drinking milk. Will I develop more lactase, i.e., the ability to digest milk, as time goes on and I drink more milk, or will I have to take Lactaid milk for the rest of my life (it's not available in some countries).

(2) Dear Alice,

What are the symptoms of lactose intolerance (i.e., how long after taking a milk product will symptoms generally begin, and what are the typical symptoms), and how do they differ from irritable bowel syndrome?


Calcium — How much is enough?

Hi Alice,

I drink about three cups of coffee and one cup of milk a day. I was wondering if one cup of milk contains enough calcium to keep my bones strong. I am 23 years old.