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Originally Published: March 28, 1997
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Dear Alice,

I am married. We would like to have a baby soon. Whenever I ejaculate in her vagina, most of the semen comes out within a minute. Is that remaining amount of semen enough to become pregnant? Please answer this question.

Dear Reader,

Yes, it is semen, mixed with vaginal fluids, that flows out from the vagina after ejaculation during sexual intercourse. The semen that remains in the vagina usually carries enough swimming sperm to go for the gold -- the ovum. And yes, one drop of semen contains millions of sperm and, as nature has frequently shown us, it is enough to do the trick.

You can increase the likelihood of the semen staying longer in the vagina. For example, when you have sex with your wife, try it with her on her back and you on top. Then afterwards, her knees can remain up, so that her vagina stays full of semen. If she would be more comfortable, try placing pillows under her knees to help prop up her hips. (This is something you can practice at a time when you are not having intercourse.)

It makes sense to talk with a gynecologist, obstetrician, or midwife for pre-pregnancy planning. In addition, you can ask her/him for any other suggestions s/he may have to increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

Good luck!