Semen in mouth — Pregnant?

Originally Published: November 1, 1996 - Last Updated / Reviewed On: February 11, 2015
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(1) Dear Alice,

Can pregnancy be caused by swallowing the ejaculate during oral sex?

(2) Dear Alice,

I heard this from my sex ed teacher in high school, and I was wondering if he was correct. Can a girl get pregnant from having semen in her mouth? He said that if there are cuts inside her mouth, the sperm can get into the bloodstream and possibly get the girl pregnant.

Dear Readers,

To think about your questions in another way, does anything you eat end up in your reproductive system, and in the same form as it was consumed? The answer is NO!

Just like when you swallow food, when you swallow semen, it begins to digest in the mouth, then in the stomach, and so on, until whatever cannot be utilized by the body is excreted. Sperm ultimately die from being broken down in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. What’s more, Readers: even if sperm lived in the GI tract, your mouth does not directly lead to your reproductive system. Therefore, it is impossible to become pregnant by swallowing ejaculate.

An important note: Although you will not become pregnant, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as herpes and HPV can be transmitted during oral sex if you or your partner is infected. Practicing safer sex techniques, such as using a condom or dental dam, during oral sex can reduce your risk of contracting or transmitting STIs. Moreover, getting tested for STIs with your partner is highly recommended in order to know both of your statuses. Nothing more reassuring than a clean slate! Check out the related Q&As below for more information.


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