Pregnant from semen in mouth?

Originally Published: March 30, 2001
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Dear Alice,

I heard this from my sex ed teacher in high school, and I was wondering if he was correct. Can a girl get pregnant from having semen in her mouth? He said that if there are cuts inside her mouth, the sperm can get into the bloodstream and possibly get the girl pregnant.

Wondering about my high school education

Dear Wondering about my high school education,

No, a woman cannot get pregnant from having semen in her mouth (cuts or no cuts), nor from swallowing it, smelling it, feeling it, looking at it, or thinking about it. If your teacher did make this claim, he gets an "F" for needlessly Freaking people out. With the exception of egg implantation, pregnancy can occur only when sperm make their way to eggs via the vagina. This is also the case when women are artificially inseminated. Are you sure that your teacher wasn't talking about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that might enter the body in this way? More on all of this in the Related Q&As listed below. Teachers know a lot, but sometimes they are wrong. Glad you went searching for the truth that you can now present to your sex ed teacher by first clarifying what he said, and then respectfully making the correction, if it's necessary.