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This Week's Poll:

Do you practice meditation for stress relief?

Past Polls

March 27, 2015

What's your favorite way to get your fill of fruits & veggies?

I store them so they're easy to grab & go.
7% (36 votes)
I add extras to recipes.
78% (419 votes)
I choose them as healthy sides/main dishes at restaurants.
4% (20 votes)
I make plants a priority in meal planning.
4% (19 votes)
I stock up at the farmer's market and grocery store.
8% (44 votes)
March 12, 2015

Do you 'like' Go Ask Alice! on Facebook?

21% (22 votes)
17% (18 votes)
Go Ask Alice! is on Facebook?!
62% (65 votes)
February 27, 2015

More like "Pal"entine's Day: I show my friends I care by...

Being supportive and a good listener.
13% (15 votes)
Making time for them.
4% (5 votes)
Being honest and communicating clearly.
7% (8 votes)
(Trying to) make them laugh.
11% (13 votes)
All of the above and more!
64% (73 votes)
February 12, 2015

How do you stay active in the winter months?

By bundling up and heading outside - the temps are refreshing!
11% (19 votes)
By hitting up my *indoor* gym.
22% (36 votes)
By exercising in my room/apartment/house.
12% (20 votes)
By mixing it up with indoor and outdoor workouts.
17% (28 votes)
I'm still figuring out this whole "physical activity" thing.
38% (64 votes)