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This Week's Poll:

Grubbin' on greens: What's your favorite?

Past Polls

April 10, 2014

What do you wish you had more time for?

Dating or socializing
53% (288 votes)
Getting your study on
7% (37 votes)
Being physically active
13% (73 votes)
Whipping up healthy and delicious meals
8% (45 votes)
Relaxing and de-stressing
18% (98 votes)
March 27, 2014

My spring break essentials are:

The sun, sand, my bathing suit, and SPF 30, please.
67% (227 votes)
Ski goggles and a helmet for hitting the slopes.
1% (2 votes)
Hiking boots, a tent, and my passion for the great outdoors.
6% (20 votes)
Pajamas, hot chocolate, and a movie marathon, for sure!
20% (68 votes)
I'm catching up on my fitness, so a water bottle and my sneakers.
6% (20 votes)
March 14, 2014

What helps you get to sleep at night?

Reading a book (for fun!) in bed.
39% (163 votes)
Spending some time in a warm bath or shower before lights out.
11% (45 votes)
Writing about the day in my journal.
1% (4 votes)
Meditating to quiet my mind.
8% (33 votes)
Listening to some smooth jams to unwind.
12% (49 votes)
Having a little "alone time" (masturbating).
30% (129 votes)
February 28, 2014

When's the best time to tell someone you love them?

As soon as I know it.
44% (224 votes)
Every chance I get!
24% (121 votes)
After they tell me first.
10% (51 votes)
After we make sweet, sweet love.
5% (27 votes)
I've never told anyone "I love you."
17% (86 votes)