Non-latex condoms and oral sex

Originally Published: October 21, 2011 - Last Updated / Reviewed On: March 13, 2015
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I have a latex sensitivity, but would like to perform safer oral sex. Are lubricants on non-latex condoms harmful if ingested? I can't seem to find non-latex, non-lubricated condoms anywhere.

Dear Reader,

Lubricants on condoms and other safer sex apparatuses are not harmful if ingested in the small amounts present on the condom, unless you have a specific allergy to an ingredient in the lubricant, such as glycerine or silicone (check the label on the box). The spermicide nonoxynol-9 is also not harmful if ingested. However, spermicide and many lubes may not be all that tasty.

There are several types of safer sex barriers that are non-latex, though they are often harder to find in non-lubricated form. The following is a list of barriers that can be used for safer oral sex on all body parts (i.e. penis, vulva, vagina, and anus). To use condoms for oral sex on a vulva, vagina, or anus, cut the tip off the condom and then cut it vertically, forming a square.

  • NaturaLamb. These are manufactured by Trojan from a pouch in the lamb's intestine. They are slightly thicker than latex condoms, though users say they allow for good sensation for both partners. They offer fair to good protection against unwanted pregnancy and some bacterial sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. However, they are not recommended for use against sexually transmitted viral infections such as HIV or Herpes. They can be used with oil, silicone, or water-based lubricant. If you can't find them lubricant free, know that water-based and oil-based lubes usually taste better than silicone lubes.


  • Polyurethane condoms. These are manufactured by Avanti and Trojan and are available in most drug stores, though finding them non-lubricated may be tricky. They can be used with oil, silicone and water-based lubricants and are slightly thinner than latex condoms, so some prefer these to latex for that reason. However, they are not quite as flexible as latex so lube is highly recommended for these for any type of penetrative (read high friction) sex. The female and bottom condoms are made of polyurethane and they have a larger circumference, which makes them better for coverage of the entire crotch if you're performing oral sex on a vagina, clitoris, or anus. Polyurethane condoms cost more than latex condoms, but are usually less expensive than NaturaLamb condoms.


  • Plastic wrap. An advantage of this common kitchen item is that it always comes lube free and is the least expensive prophylactic out there; though make sure you buy the non-microwave safe kind (microwave safe types have tiny holes that may compromise the protection they offer). Should you choose to use lube with it, any type (water, oil, or silicone) will do. In addition to being accessible and inexpensive, it allows for good sensation and you can tear off the exact size and shape you need. One disadvantage is that, because it is so thin, it can tear more easily than a latex dental dam or a polyurethane barrier.

Remember, to maximize safety with oral sex, get a new barrier each time, never flip it over and lick the side that was on the person's body, and get a new barrier when moving from butt to another area or vice versa. For an extra good time, lubricate (only) the side of the barrier that will be on the person's body. And if the "performer" has a sweet tooth, put your favorite sweet item on the side of the barrier to be licked (just make sure the food stays away from the receiver's genitals and anus and that it is an oil-free food if you're using latex).


March 19, 2012

What about polyisoprene condoms? They're non-latex so they don't cause allergies, but they're soft and stretchy like latex and they're the same price as latex condoms. There are currently two brands...
What about polyisoprene condoms? They're non-latex so they don't cause allergies, but they're soft and stretchy like latex and they're the same price as latex condoms. There are currently two brands available, Lifestyles Skyn and Avanti Bare. I tried a Lifestyles Skyn condom and it felt the same as a latex condom except it didn't smell like latex. They seem to be available in most drug stores.