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More like "Pal"entine's Day: I show my friends I care by...

Being supportive and a good listener.
13% (15 votes)
Making time for them.
4% (5 votes)
Being honest and communicating clearly.
7% (8 votes)
(Trying to) make them laugh.
11% (13 votes)
All of the above and more!
64% (73 votes)

How do you stay active in the winter months?

By bundling up and heading outside - the temps are refreshing!
11% (19 votes)
By hitting up my *indoor* gym.
22% (36 votes)
By exercising in my room/apartment/house.
12% (20 votes)
By mixing it up with indoor and outdoor workouts.
17% (28 votes)
I'm still figuring out this whole "physical activity" thing.
38% (64 votes)

'Squash'ing those winter blues: What's your favorite way to prepare them?

Pureed pumpkin made into a tasty soup
20% (14 votes)
Baked acorn squash stuffed with wild rice & veggies
13% (9 votes)
Diced butternut squash added to a coconut curry
17% (12 votes)
Roasted delicata squash as a delicious side dish
11% (8 votes)
Spaghetti squash subbed in for pasta & served with tomato sauce
39% (27 votes)

Did you make New Year's resolutions this year?

Sure did!
24% (53 votes)
I'm not really the 'resolution' type.
45% (101 votes)
Still working on mine.
31% (69 votes)

What helps you relax?

Quality time with friends and loved ones
36% (56 votes)
A little mindfulness meditation or yoga
9% (14 votes)
Sweating it out at the gym or outdoors
7% (11 votes)
Making headway on my hobbies
10% (15 votes)
Getting comfortable with a good book/movie
38% (60 votes)

How do you handle stress around the end of the semester?

Turkey talk: What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

34% (55 votes)
The food's good, but I really enjoy sitting around the table in good company.
28% (45 votes)
Rolling up my sleeves and practicing my culinary skills in the kitchen.
9% (14 votes)
Going for a fun run or playing football after the holiday meal.
4% (6 votes)
Having a break from classes to recharge before the end of the semester.
25% (41 votes)

How do you maximize your sleep quality?

By going to bed and getting up around the same time every day.
30% (80 votes)
By getting in some physical activity most days.
21% (54 votes)
By avoiding caffeine and other stimulants too close to bedtime.
13% (33 votes)
By not eating just before hitting the hay.
3% (9 votes)
By powering down electronics before tucking myself in.
7% (18 votes)
What is sleep?!
26% (69 votes)

What lower-risk strategies do you use if you choose to drink alcohol?

I stay with the same group of friends the entire time while I'm drinking.
15% (46 votes)
I eat before and/or during drinking.
10% (31 votes)
I use a designated driver.
2% (6 votes)
I keep track of how many drinks I'm having.
4% (13 votes)
I avoid drinking games.
1% (3 votes)
I use more than one of these strategies.
36% (108 votes)
I don't drink!
30% (90 votes)
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